The stunning beauty of Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay is hard to capture, yet some artists are able to perfectly portray the feeling of calm that arises when staring out at the bay. At Osprey Point, we are surrounded by Chesapeake Bay beauty. Our access to the bay and two adjoining marinas lights up each morning and evening with the sunrise and sunset. Our guests can also experience the natural beauty of the land by boat or kayak. In our restaurant, we proudly display the works of local artists, including Marc Castelli, who successfully brings to life the overwhelming beauty of Maryland’s seashore. To find out more about Marc and other local Maryland artists, continue reading below.

Marc Castelli

No Maryland artist captures what it means to live by and for the sea quite like Marc Castelli. Castelli’s work is not your run-of-the-mill coastal art. While Castelli does tackle coastal landscapes with grace and mastery, his work depicting working life at sea is where he shines. Castelli’s work is proudly displayed in our restaurant at Osprey Point.

Other Notable Maryland Artists

The Chesapeake Bay area has always drawn artists to its shores for centuries now. Today, artists continue to find inspiration in the raw beauty of the Chesapeake’s waters. Maryland artists continue to look to the sea for inspiration, and the results speak for themselves. Other notable artists in the Chesapeake Bay area include Nancy Topping Bazin, Patty Worthy Benson, Deb Branch, and Mick Grochowski. To find out about the Chesapeake Bay art scene, check out the Chesapeake Bay Art Association.

Art Galleries near Rock Hall, MD

The Chesapeake Bay Art Association is one of many galleries in Maryland where you can browse the works of local artists and observe their take on the nearby coastal landscape. Other notable galleries include the Gallery at Rock HallSwan Creek Gallery & Studio, and the River Arts Studio.

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